Total airmiles?

Total airmiles?

One of the biggest excuses I hear from people is that they are traveling and therefore they are unable to eat well and train well. I understand that there are certain challenges but they are challenges not excuses.


Now I am not the biggest traveler but with the below stats it’s clear I have not sat still. I am sure some people will have done way more than this and as for crew, well you are different story.

First check is total air miles flow in 2012: 95,000

Second check is hours spent on aeroplanes: 175 hours

And third check I made is number of countries visited: Total 12 (Australia, New Zealand, Lebanon, Korea, Thailand, America, Germany, Croatia, Denmark, South Africa, England, Oman)

Post your details to the comments section (by December 31st) and I will put up $100 of InnerFight apparel for the person who comes out on top…….get those calculators out.