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“The Brave Project.”

The brave project is an InnerFight endurance scholarship program which takes a novice triathlete and in a 3 month period teaches them everything there is to know about maximizing their bodies potential in this incredible sport. The candidate is selected from steep competition and has to be ready to entrust the InnerFight coaches with their life during the 3 month program.

The brave project kicked off in 2014 and is powered by Suunto

BRAVE PROJECT 2 is underway. Follow all the progress right here

Candidate 2: Arturo Castellanos from Spain. Follow his detailled weekly diary and video blogs right here

Candidate 1: Talal Almoallem: Check out his detailed week by week diary, progress and results right here

The below video is a review of Talal’s experience at the end of the project with his coach Neil and Marcus.

If you would like to apply to be involved in the Brave Project please mail Neil Flanagan the InnerFight Endurance coach right here