Team MOBOT / InnerFight win The Immortals Challenge

InnerFights @ifms7 on the winning team @immortalschallenge #australia with @talaynaf @samjaynebriggs #crossfit #winning #innerfight #goldcoast #australiaTeam Mobot / InnerFight  CrossFit team have won The Immortals Challenge on the Gold Coast, Australia. The team boasted the 2013 female CrossFit games winner Sam Briggs as well as 5th place Talayna Fortunato the third female in the team was ex Great Britain rugby league player and Muay Thai boxing champion Nicola Simpson. Making up the 3 males were 2 top Australian regional level athletes Jonnie Larmore, Dean Linder-Leighton and InnerFight founder Marcus Smith.




The event is Australia’s leading team CrossFit competition was hosted at the Gold Coast Convention Day 1 complete. Let's have it day 2 @talaynaf @samjaynebriggs #immortals #crossfit ##competition #goldcoast #australia @rookiecfgccentre on November 9th and 10th 2013. 100 teams each of 6 members made up the filed which was littered with regional level Crossfit athletes as well as over 6 CrossFit Games athletes.
The first day saw teams complete 5 workouts, the results of the day split the 600 strong field into 3 for the second day of competition. The world Mobot / InnerFIght team won 3 of the days 5 events which saw them place first overall after day one. This counted for nothing on day two as the scores were reset and the athletes were tasked with completing 2 workouts. (See below for all workouts)
Day 2 kicked off with the top 10 teams of the event going to town on a heavy workout. 12.9.6 rep scheme with one male and one female working at the same time, 80kg for males and 50 kg for females. Not one but two rounds. The InnerFight team took this home with yet another first place. The team needed to stay in the top 5 to make the final and in the second workout of the day (the 7th of the weekend) they placed second by a matter of under 50m on the rowing machine setting up an epic final showdown.
The final was soon released on Facebook and although every team member would be highly involved and called upon, the workout was 6 brutal individual workouts back to back. 15 calories air dyne, Fran, 30 squat clean thrusters, 30 deadlifts with 30 burpees over the bar, 150 wall balls and 15 meter wombat flip @ 220kg.
The Mobot / InnerFight team were only in 5th place after the air dyne but with Fortunato setting an all time personal best of 2:06 on Fran, Linder-Leighton started his squat clean thrusters in 3rd place. However this was 3rd behind two of Australia’s top athletes. Linder-Leighton was clinical in his 30 reps cheered on by his team mates and then it was over to Larmore who literally went through the deadlifts and burpees as standard procedure before tagging the worlds fittest female Briggs into the game to complete 150 wall balls. Split between two targets Briggs finished her first 50 at lightening speed and headed to the opposite end of the arena to notch up 100 reps, returning back to where she started for the final 50 reps Briggs paused temporarily with 15 reps to go, by which time she had built more than a Great to win @immortalschallenge with this awesome team! #crossfit #fitness #competition #goldcoast #australiasizable lead on the rest of the field. She later commented  “My legs were fine it was just my arms that seemed to give out close to the end there, but I think I did enough.” Once she handed over the duty to Smith it was more a matter of procedure to get the 220kg wombat down the stadium floor. Smiths attitude was anything but casual as he raced to the finish line with the wombat to close the scoring over 2 minutes ahead of the second placed team. Team Alphafit ended in second place with the “All Stars” in third place rounding out the top three.
InnerFight founder Marcus Smith had this to say about the event and the final: “To be involved in an event like this is incredible, we worked hard as a team and to have world class athletes in InnerFight colours and lifting the trophy is simply brilliant.”


This is the man behind the whole competition. If you are ever in Australia on the Gold Coast go and have a workout at his gym Reebok CrossFit Gold Coast

The legend @rookiecfgc that put the whole @immortalschallenge competition together. Respect brother #legend #crossfit #goldcoast #australia

 Workouts from Day 1:

Workout 1: For time: 1 man and 1 woman work at once through a 12,9,6 rep scheme of Overhead squats 60kg for me 40 for ladies and burpee box jumps. Team Mobot / InnerFight 6th

Workout 2: All 6 team members file through in Indian file: 15 pull ups, 15 toes to bar, 15 wall balls, 15 wall balls, 15 toes to bar, 15 pull ups and repeat as many times as you can for 10 minutes. Team Mobot / InnerFight 1st

Workout 3: Males and females are split and whilst 2 of the team row for cals 1 pushes a 100kg (approx.) sled 15 meters and the team rotate for 10 minutes. Team Mobot / InnerFight 4th

Workout 4: Males start on the airdyne and go for 5 minutes max calories whilst the women achieve max med ball slams with a 20kg ball. At 5 minutes they rotate and the men use a 30kg ball.  Team Mobot / InnerFight 1st

Workout 5: 2 men flip the wombat twice and then the females come and flip it once until it reaches the females end which was 20m away, then it is flipped back to the male end with the ladies flipping twice and men once. One team member accumulates max double unders. Team Mobot / InnerFight 1st

Workouts from Day 2:

Workout 1: In pairs: 12-9-6 deadlift, hang power clean, push jerk 80kg for men 50 kg for ladies. Team Mobot / InnerFight 1st

Workout 2: 50 bar muscle ups buy in between the team. Then in pairs male and female, 40 burpee over box, 30 push jerk, max distance row. Time cap in 15 minutes. Team Mobot / InnerFight 2nd

Final: All workouts are done back to back with 1 team member doing the entire workout solo:

  • 15 cals airdyne
  • Fran: 21-15-9 thrusters, pull ups
  • 30 clusters @ 70kg
  • 30 fat bar deadlift @ 100kg, 30 bar facing burpees
  • 150 wall balls
  • 1 length of wombat @ 240kg.

Team Mobot / InnerFight 1st by over 2 minutes!!!