A 1 day seminar that will change your life, delivered in 4 countries around the world. This one day seminar attacks areas of performance that not enough people talk about. You will leave the day refreshed, motivated and bursting to get more out of life.

Here are some testimonials from people that have had the “Smash Life” experience:

“The seminar was all and more than I had hoped for”  (Andy, Qatar)

“Very motivating. When the speaker has passion about what he is talking about, it already helps a lot.” (Matthijs Qatar)

Thanks again for the ‘amazing’ day! (JP Qatar)

Thanks for an awesome seminar. There was a lot of takeaways especially in the goal setting module (Adnan, Dubai)
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I really enjoyed every min of 2nd seminar, so inspiring (Ings, Dubai)

“A fascinating delve into the world of performance: from elite athlete to overcoming everyday obstacles in life, including the curse of normality. Smash life will help you focus and achieve…….anything.” (Jon, Dubai)

“An extraordinary awakening into a world of developing and utilizing one’s performance capabilities” (Jamie, Beirut)


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