InnerFight seminars educate and develop our members and the wider public in line with our vision to “Make people better at life”.

We offer seminars and workshops aimed at all levels of fitness. Whether you’re training for The CrossFit Games or your first 10K, we have workshops that will help you smash your goals.

Are you using fitness to make yourself better at life – either for your own health and fitness, or in preparation for a specific event or challenge? If so, the four seminars below, which run throughout the year, are for you:

1. The Open Series: This three-part series focuses on preparing you for the annual CrossFit Games “Open” (scaled or RX). Focusing on the specific historical movements of the Open, the three-part seminar series ensures increased efficiency in these movements.

Not just for the pros, the seminars are ideal for both the most seasoned CrossFitters and those entering The Open for the first time. Offering expert coaching and tips, as well as taking a look at technique and goal setting, the series will see you:

  • Master the movements of The CrossFit Games Open
  • Learn how to plan and smash your workouts
  • Set realistic goals for the 2016 edition of The CrossFit Games Open

The next “Open Series” will be led by 29th fittest man in the world, Phil Hesketh, and kicks off on Jan 8th 2016. For more details click here.

2. Cardio Vascular: This seminar series focuses primarily on increased technical efficiency in cardiovascular-based movements, such as running, rowing, ski erg and air bike. It addresses how we create different cardiovascular stimulus, as well as various pacing techniques and strategies when attacking these exercises.

3. Strength: Our strength seminars cover three main topics:

  • Weightlifting: Focuses on breaking down and aiding development of the snatch and clean and jerk
  • Powerlifting: Looks at the importance of the compound movements such as squatting, pressing and deadlifting, combined with various accessory exercises
  • Strongman: Takes unconventional gym movements such as the Yoke, farmers carry and sleds, and demonstrates how to become stronger by incorporating these movements into training

4. Gymnastics: The major focus in our gymnastics series is developing a strong and functional midline and the importance of this in everything we do. We then split gymnastic movements into two categories:

  • The push movements, such as push ups and hand stand push ups
  • The pull movements, such as pull ups, muscle ups and rope climbs.

The seminars deliver simple yet effective plans to develop these gymnastics skills fast and efficiently.

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