#566: The CrossFit Games Experience with Carmen Bosmans

For those of you that listened to #547 you heard all about Boz heading out to the CrossFit Games and in doing so fulfilling one of her childhood dreams. Well she is now back on home soil and in this show Tom and I catch up with her and talk all about her experience, feelings and future goals.
Recently I had Morning Chalk Up founder Justin LoFranco on the show who spoke super openly about the games and what they had printed on their site. It was great in this show to get to hear it from Boz as an athlete.
What are your thoughts are fitness enthusiasts? Is the CrossFit games a true test of fitness? Should the events be published in advance and should they follow the same format each year. As Boz told us on this show “the cream always rises to the top” as Tia and Matt won and no one disputes they are the best. This is a topic which I am sure will be debated for years to come!
Enjoy the show.
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