#557: Back in the game – make it happen

Welcome to the new Jan we could or should say here. Yes September is as big a month in the fitness world as Jan is. People are returning from their summer holidays and many have done some serious damage to the fitness goals they had set for the year and realized that they actually only have 4 months left of the year so the emergency chord is being fully yanked. I see it every year and I can’t fight it as I am sure it will happen for years to come. So in this show I share a few top line points on what you should be doing to get things “back on track.”

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September is the new Jan

  1. Reflect on what’s gone by
  2. Think about what you want
  3. Take all of your commitments into account
  4. Start to make a plan
    1. Timelines
    2. Check points
    3. Support network
    4. And then what

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