PODCAST #526 LISTEN NOW: An ultra in minus 5 to minus 40 temperatures with Brian Keane

We last had Brian Keane on the show a year ago in show number 436 when we talked about "The power of persistence.” Since then Brian has taken on an immense challenge of a Ultra Marathon in the Arctic! IN this show he tells us all about his experience:
  • Controlling the controllables
  • Not having a plan B
  • Being in snow to hip height
  • A changing relationship with pain
The Ice Ultra advertises the expected temperatures during the race ranging from -5 to -40. This is survival as much as it is a running race. Brian talks us through the difference of the “snow shuffle” and “ice running” as each of them posed their difference challenges.
It was not all plain sailing for Brian as with 76km to go he tore his Achillies tendon. Now it was a case of survival even more than ever before. This is when his relationship with pain started to change and his threshold went to new heights.
Ever energetic and motivational Brian brings epic energy to the show again and really proves that anything in life is possible
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