PODCAST #524 LISTEN NOW: Rowing the Atlantic and Indian oceans with world record holder Jamie Sparks

Some of you may remember the name Jamie Sparks from episode 506 when we spoke to him and Sam about Ultra X. This time Jamie is on his own as he has quite an incredible story to share about his rowing antics and the things he has learnt from them including:
  • Feeling most alive on the edge
  • 6 world records to his name
  • Removing choice
  • Saying yes to things
As Jamie tells us early in this show he used his student loan as the deposit to secure his two man boat in a rowing race across the Atlantic which only a few select people have managed to complete. it is a 3,000 mile journey which can take up to 120 days by 2 humans rowing 2 hour on 2 hour off shifts and commuting close to 12,000 calories a day.
Jamies story is even more remarkable as less than 6 months after his Atlantic crossing he set out to cross the Indian ocean this time with 3 others. In this show he describes the ultimate highs and devastating lows of ocean rowing and a mindset of “wanting it more than anything else on earth.”
We are sure you will enjoy the show.
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Instagram: @mrjamiesparks
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