‘One and Done’

‘One and Done’

With The Open just one week away, I thought it would be a good idea to re-post this article I wrote last year.

The subject of ‘one and done’ is always a tricky one and I promise I am giving my honest answer when I tell you that I intend to only do each workout once this year. Although I am in an extremely tough region filled with great athletes, I have always had the mentality that ‘one and done’ is best. But that’s exactly what it is, a mentality. I am 100% not saying that I won’t re-do a workout if I think I can make an improvement, but I would never go into a workout with the mentality of re-testing (reasons included below).

Last year I almost kept my promise. I tried to re-do the 4th workout and got a worse score. One year later I re-tested all of the 2016 Open and improved on every workout. Big improvements are made over weeks, months and years, not a couple of days.

Show up at InnerFight, Saturdays 10am and give everything you have got, rest and repeat for 5 weeks!

Why you should be ‘One and Done’ in this years Open!

The Crossfit Games Open is only 3 weeks away and already I’m getting asked that ever-popular question “will you do the workouts more than once?” First of all, here is a little background on the Open. A workout is released 5pm on a Thursday and submission deadline is 5pm Monday, so 4 days to have unlimited attempts at a workout.

Now, there are two differences in opinions when it comes to this subject. One athlete may choose to do the workouts twice, three or even four times in those 4 days, with the justification of wanting to make sure he or she did everything they could to get the best score. My mentality has always been “one and done”. Here are my reasons why:

  1. Good practice! In competition, you only get one chance at each workout, so it is good to practice being under that kind of pressure.
  2. Keep it fun! How bored would you be if you had to do the same class workout 4 days in a row? Yes, very. There is no reason to over think or stress about the Open, it is just another workout, you have done plenty of others just like it before.
  3. Stay injury free! Open workouts are tough, especially when you push your limits. Repeating the same volume of movement in such as small space of time will increase your chance of injury.
  4. The winning mentality! This is the big one for me. I always say to myself that I will only do each workout once, because what happens when you get 5 minutes in to a 7 minute AMRAP of burpees? You start to want to slow down. If you know you are only doing that workout once, you are more likely to give everything you have in that workout. If you have that excuse in the back of your mind “It’s ok, I’ll just do it again” you will probably slow down, get a bad score and then have to put yourself through that same pain again…seems pointless.

*Disclaimer, I have actually repeated 3 open workouts out of the 20 that I have done. I know, I just told you that you shouldn’t do that, but I had the foolish idea that I could do better. In those three workouts, I gained a total of 2 reps…Very pointless indeed. The reason for this is I gave EVERYTHING I had the first time! I wasn’t any fitter the following day, hence why I got the exact same score on 2 of those 3 workouts that I repeated.

So, in the words of Mathew Jones, “Don’t be childish”. One and done, move on to next week, have fun, no weakness!



By: InnerFight Director of Training, Phil Hesketh