OCR stands for Obstacle Course Racing. It is one of the world’s fastest growing sports and is becoming more and more popular across the globe. Here in the middle east the most popular OCR’s are Spartan Race, Desert Warrior challenge, Wadi Adventure Race & Tough Mudder. A typical OCR would mainly consist of running, carrying heavy objects such as sandbags, water jugs and sand filled buckets, climbing over & under walls and swinging like a monkey across monkey bars and various rigs.


Training for OCR

To train well for an obstacle course race you need to focus on three main things when training:

  • Running – being able to run well is 90% of obstacle course racing.
  • Grip strength – you’ll need to be confident with your grip strength and have the ability to swing across bars, pull yourself up walls and drag heavy objects around.
  • Carry Strength – you’ll need to get used to carrying different sized heavy objects around, up & down hills and stairs.


InnerFight OCR Classes

Wednesday 6am Grip Classes:

Wednesdays we will focus mainly on grip and upper body strength training. This will be held inside the gym upstairs for the first half of the session and have the option of moving downstairs for the second half. In these classes we will focus on using grip whilst fatigued but also cover grip obstacle techniques and how to crush grip obstacles efficiently & safely.

Thursday 6am Carry Classes:

Thursday mornings will be all about heavy carries. This class will be held at the Sport City track. Clients will learn how to carry heavy objects efficiently and build up the strength to do this faster becoming more confident ready for race day. Using the stairs to the stadium section we will include elevated carries along with agility sections to learn how to move and turn quickly when needed (shuttle runs in-between stands).

Saturday mornings (on a none race weekend):

Saturdays we will run FREE organized trail runs to build up strength on uneven ground and get clients used to the terrain which is expected on race day. Each 1st Saturday of the month we will aim to take a group out for a long run in a scenic location such as Wadi Showka, Hatta mountains, RAK mountains or Fossil Rock.


George Crewe

George moved to Dubai in 2014 to work in the automotive industry where he was introduced to his first Obstacle Course Race through one of his clients. Growing up in the countryside in the UK, George quickly developed a passion and appreciation for this outdoor sport – which not only challenges your strength and endurance, but also gives you the opportunity to race in the most scenic locations around the world.

George has quickly established himself as one of the top racers in the Middle East and Asia and has transformed his life completely dedicating himself to this sport. George works with current OCR athletes looking to improve their obstacle and endurance skills as well as people who are new to the sport. You can follow George and his journey on Instagram @george_crewe and be coached by him by dropping him an email at gc@innerfight.com



Online with 2 classes per week:

1,575 AED

(Grip Wednesday 6am + Carry Thursday 6am)

1 class – 165 AED

5 classes – 600 AED

10 classes – 800 AED

OCR Online only – 1,050 AED

Saturday mornings (on none race weekends) FREE trail runs.