Introducing the Express Lunch class– our new program of strength and conditioning classes that are a shortened version of our main line classes with the idea that you can work out in your lunch break and be back in the office for the afternoon shift.

How do I join?

Mail us on or call 04 321 2899 and we will then advise you of the next available session.

How many people will be in the class?

In order to ensure safety and enjoyment, this class is limited to 12 people.

Is the class age limited?

No. Just check with our team for any clarifications.

Is the class for males and females?

Of course, both are more than welcome.

When does it take place and how long is it?

We will be offering two 45minute classes per week. These will take place on the following days:

  • Sunday and Thursday: 12.30pm

Where does it take place?

Ground floor at InnerFight HQ.

What are the cost of the classes?

These are the options available:

  • Pay per class: AED 150
  • Two classes per week: AED 1,000 per month (30 day validity)
  • Three classes per week: AED 1,300 per month (30 day validity)
  • Unlimited classes: AED1500 (per month)