Junior Endurance Team

Junior Endurance Team




To create an innovative and exciting learning environment that allows youth athletes to achieve their full potential and encourage lifelong participation in the sport.


Triathlon is a fast-growing sport with participation figures doubling over the past 5 years in the UK alone. Dubai has the facilities and the weather (90% of the time) to support year round training. With more and more adults taking up the sport in the 30s and 40s many of their children also follow in their parents footsteps to share in the challenge and excitement of competition.

Dubai already has a reputation of excellence when it comes to triathlon. As the swim/bike/run facilities and opportunities here in the U.A.E continue to increase, JET DXB believe that with the right guidance and support, Dubai based junior endurance athletes can go on to compete on the world stage. Using a long term athlete development model JET DXB can help young athletes to achieve their full potential whilst keeping their passion for the sport.


A long term approach to athlete development is the key to ensuring junior triathletes continue to enjoy the sport at a young age and avoid burnout.

JET DXB aim to improve the athletes understanding of training methods and how to train. We also teach the immediate and long term effects of exercise on the body systems.

We feel it is important to instil positive training and competition habits to allow the athletes to develop safely whilst challenging themselves to be the best than can be.



Every Saturday morning JET DXB get together for an open water swim session at Sunset Beach. Sessions vary from middle distance to short interval sprints and include race start techniques. All current JET DXB Members also swim train at school or as part of a club.





JET DXB get together twice a week for bike sessions. Once at NAS and once at Dubai Autodrome. Training sessions are customized to the junior sprint distances to include longer distance rides to build aerobic endurance and shorter interval sessions to improve power and increase lactate threshold.

We also combine the bike and run sections into a brick which allows us to isolate and improve transition skills.




Running is incorporated into the bike and swim sessions so athletes can get used to the feeling of running after the swim (aquathlon) or off of the bike (triathlon). We use a variety of running drills to improve cadence and form. GPS devices are used to track speeds and teach athletes pacing techniques.



As highly active young people it is important that our athletes are aware of the benefits of good nutrition and consistent hydration, particularly when training. We aim to educate our athletes on what it means to have a balanced diet and the essential components that the body needs to grow strong and recover from physical activity.