It’s all about the red line!

It’s all about the red line!
In a number of sports people often refer to the “red line” with this meaning how long an athlete can perform at maximum intensity, be at their highest speed, time with reduced oxygen or generally time in a large amount of discomfort and pain!
We often see the athletes that are able to endure the pain and perform beyond the red line for the longest are some of the most successful. I have seen in a number of athletes that those with who work on increasing their pain threshold and their capacity to deal with pain achieve some phenomenal results. 
This video  is a great example of a mans ability to sit in the red zone for an insane period of time. It also goes hand in hand with my belief that you set your own heart rate zones and yes the charts you see are a guide but as I conveyed in an earlier post you have to jump out of your comfort zone in life if you want to perform at your best.
There is little surprise that Eric Murray won gold at the London Olympics is there!



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