إنتصار – InnerFight Intisaar foundation

The InnerFight Intisaar foundation is a community project which gives Emirati youths an opportunity to use physical and mental fitness to make them better at life.z12
The youths take part in free InnerFight training sessions which focus on developing them physically whilst also offering guidance on their life aspirations.
“We started this project in 2014 when a guy came to see me who was so obese he could not sit on a chair properly, he weighed 197kg. I knew that things would only get worse for him if we didn’t help but I also knew there were financial implications involved. I figured that a community project to help this group of Emirati youths was what was needed as in the bigger picture these guys would become an inspiration and motivation for those in a similar situation. Fast forward a year and that guy has lost close to 100kg! To be able to have a program like this that specifically helps this community on a number of levels I think is very important for the future of the country and something I am very passionate about.” Marcus Smith, InnerFight founder.