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Internship Program

Welcome to the InnerFight internship.H1qYadpUoZq3zA1k.jpg

This program has been developed in line with the InnerFight vision of “making people better at life” to share information with, educate and inspire those who take part in it.

Who is it for? The program is aimed at 3 populations:

  • Coaches: We appreciate that there are a number of highly qualified coaches out there. Through our program we will add to their kit bag of skills and teach the InnerFight approach to making people better and changing lives through physical exercise.
  • Aspiring coaches / enthusiasts: You may be someone who is interested in fitness and wants to know more. You may even be someone who is considering a career change and thinking about becoming a coach.
  • Students: We want students to get a real life experience whilst they compete their studies so they can graduate with more than just the the know how but have the ability to apply their skills.How long does it last?

The InnerFight internship is a 60 hour program structured over a 12 week period with up to 6 hours of contact time per week. It must be completed within 24 weeks from commencement but can also be condensed into 4 weeks.

For more details or to apply to intern with us please mail us