Crossfit Training Dubai

Take your performance in life to the next level with the InnerFight team. No matter what your goal the InnerFight principles and programs will help you there and beyond

  • InnerFight CrossFit classes:
    • What is this? This class is our primary way of making people stronger, fitter and better at life. It is a class that is taught multiple times per day and has been a key pillar of the InnerFight brand since it’s creation in 2008.
    • When does it take place? These classes take place at InnerFight in Dubai multiple times daily, a class timetable can be found here
    • Who is it for? The classes are for males and females, those who have been working out for a long time or those new to this type of training, age, weight or size are also no barrier to entry. The coaches will make sure that you are safe and enjoy the classes and take you closer to your goals.
    • How do I register / join? To join our CrossFit classes you must have done our Intro class which is a free class that runs twice a week or have been doing CrossFit for a minimum of 6 months. We follow this process for your safety and enjoyment.
    • How much is it to attend?  This class is included in your gym membership if you are on an unlimited package, otherwise it is dedicated from your current package or charged as a single session. Click here for full details on rates.
  • Personal performance coaching:  Do you have a specific goal? Are you looking for something to work towards? Are you tired of achieving average things in life? Do you want to start living an amazing life? If so then let the InnerFight team take you there.  We attack performance holistically through focusing on nutrition, rest and recovery and training.
    • What is this? Your will have your own coach who tailors a program based on your goals and needs.
    • When does it take place? Sessions take place based to fit in with your schedule and are arranged directly with the coach.
    • Who is it for? People that want a more personal goal orientated approach to their training or want to work on specific areas one on one with a coach.
    • How do I register / join? Drop us a mail give us some info and what your goals are, we will then have a coach contact you to arrange an initial consultation.
    • How much is it? We have various personal training packages ranging from 5-25 sessions. Once we understand what you need we will be able to best advise you.
  • Specialty classes: Gymnastics, weightlifting, cardio, pure strength
    • What is this? We have classes and programs specifically targeting gymnastics and weightlifting related to CrossFit as well as Cardio Club and Pure Strength. Click here for more details on each class.
    • When does it take place? Check out the class timetable right here
    • Who is it for? These classes are for anyone in our mainline class who wants to advance their skills in these areas.
    • How do I register / join? If you are already in our mainline classes then just ask at reception. If you have not yet done a class with us then you need to pass through our intro class first, get more details right here.
    • How much is it? This class is included in your gym membership if you are on an unlimited package, otherwise it is dedicated from your current package or charged as a single session. Click here (for full details on rates.
  • Corporate: Is it time to unlock the potential of your organization and start dominating your competition? Are your people just going through the motions? Are they at work today because it is what they did yesterday? Is their physical capacity holding back their mental genius? It’s time to change, time to realise the true  potential of the organisation. It’s time to have employees that show up to work with energy, passion and drive. It’s time for everyone to start being AMAZING. CLICK HERE for more details
  • Endurance coaching:  Designed and coached by an endurance athlete for endurance athletes. We understand that strength and conditioning training is one of a number of components of your training regime, therefore the sessions are designed so they they compliment, rather than compromise your other training, whether it be swim, bike or run. For full details CLICK HERE
  • InnerFight Red Zone training:
    • What is this? The Red Zone program is a specific program for those looking to compete at fitness. It is designed and coached by 2015 CrossFit Games athlete Phil Hesketh.
    • When does it take place? Saturday 11am, Sunday 6:30pm and Tuesday 6:30pm
    • Who is it for? This program is for those people that want to take part in competitive fitness. There is a prerequisite to join which is detailed in our Zones of Progression
    • How do I register / join? If you feel that you meet the pre requisite mentioned in the Zones of Progression then please mail us
    • How much is it? People wanting to be involved with this program are required to have unlimited membership at the gym. Click here for full details on rates.
  • Intisaar foundation:
    • What is this? The InnerFight Intisaar foundation gives Emirati youths an opportunity to use physical and mental fitness to make them better at life.
    • Who is it for? Candidates on this program are suggested by those from within our community or further a field. It is limited to 10 people from the age of 14-18 years old and is specifically for UAE nationals.
    • How do I register / join? If you would like to be selected for the program please mail us
    • How much is it? This is a profit free program
  • Smash Life Seminar: This ground breaking seminar  addresses 6 modules which drive performance on every level. For full details of the seminar click here. For dates or to host a Smash Life seminar contact us directly on
  • Free daily online workout: This is a free to download solution which can be found right here. Click on the appropriate day and you will get a ready made workout ready to be done at your local gym.
  • Sports Psychology: If you struggle to get your “head in the game” then this coaching is the solution for you. Mental strength is what the InnerFight brand is all about, increase your mental strength and you will increase your performance.
  • InnerFight podcast: Have a question on health, fitness or performance? This is where it will be answered. The podcast shares knowledge and experience and connects with some of the most respect figures in the fitness world. Get the podcast now for free in iTunes.

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