UntitledWelcome to the InnerFight Endurance section.

Adults, kids, male, female, experienced, novice……you are in the right place.

Our endurance coaches Neil Flanagan and Ben Parnell will get you moving in the right direction. Neil runs the adult section and Ben takes care of our Junior Endurance team.

These are the pillars we focus on to ensure you dominate in your sport:

Programming / coaching  – personalised, tailored programming that is designed specifically for you to fit into your lifestyle – click HERE for more information.

Strength and Conditioning - in our opinion one of the most undervalued and underutilised elements of endurance training – further information is available HERE

Nutrition  – whether you are simply trying to lose weight, or are looking to maximise performance and recovery, we can help – read HERE for further information.

For further details, or to arrange a consultation, please mail us