HP-profile-.jpgHolly is a Paleo food designer and stylist who believes there is no time in life for eating bad food. She has made it her mission to deliver awesome tasting food that is free of all the nasty things that destroy our bodies. Everything you see in her recipes is free of sugar, grains, wheat and gluten, there are no additives or preservatives or anything that is going to harm you. All of these recipes are made 100% by Holly from her our thoughts, ideas and the needs of the people to have a healthier but tasty diet. Holly has already had a number of her recipes published in various magazines and talks about a recipe each week on radio in Dubai and on the InnerFight podcast which can be found right here

I know that by making the dishes that I have come up with people will still be able to enjoy food that tastes great, is easy to make and most of all is good for your body. Happy cooking.” Holly

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Are you a bit confused about what you should and should not be eating? Our comprehensive Nutrition Guide,  will give you all you need to know to boost your performance through better food.


Screen Shot 2014-04-29 at 5.35.41 PMORGANIC FOODS AND CAFE

“Organic Foods and Café is a family run organic supermarket and café that sells fresh organic and biodynamic food, supplements, skincare, cosmetics, baby items and household cleaning products. Organic foods and cafe opened their first store in Satwa, Dubai in 2004. They currently supply over 10,000 hormone and chemical free products direct from family run farms throughout the world. They do not buy from the open market, but have a selection of handpicked farmers whom they have personally visited and who have the same values as Organic Foods and Cafe Check out more about Organic Foods and Cafe right here