UntitledDesigned and coached by an endurance athlete for endurance athletes. The classes are fun, functional strength and conditioning programs specifically for endurance athletes looking to maximise their performance.

As an endurance athlete, we understand that strength and conditioning training is one of a number of components of your training regime, therefore the sessions are designed so they they compliment, rather than compromise your other training, whether it be swim, bike or run.

CLASS TIMES: Sunday | Tuesday | Thursday 5.30 a.m and 6.30 a.m


  • Where are the classes held? CLICK HERE for our location map.
  • Will we use weights? Yes – various loads are used but everything is scaled according to the individuals goals and abilities.
  • Will I get bulky? In a word no – but you will get stronger and more powerful – each session is dedicated to making people stronger, but first we check that your movement is good before safely adding load.
  • Does it matter that I am not a regular gym user? Not in the slightest, we have various abilities and treat everyone based on where they are at.
  • How many are in the class? Class size varies but is capped at 8 people per instructor to ensure we can observe and coach you as well as possible.
  • How do I book into a class? Just mail us to book in.
  • How much are the classes? There are 3 pricing options: 3 classes a week for the month is AED1,300, 2 classes a week for the month is AED1,000 and pay as you go is AED150 per class.

For further information, a consultation or to speak directly to our endurance coach mail Neil