Thanks for coming and checking out this page, we are happy to offer CrossFit classes here at InnerFight and run under the official affiliate name InnerFight CrossFit DXB. For your safety, progression and motivation, our CrossFit program is based on the InnerFight Zones of Progression, which we encourage you to have a look at.

We are located in Dubai, UAE and welcome anyone – no matter if you are a visitor, resident or just want to come and check out what is going on. So come and get involved by joining our CrossFit or specialist classes!

If you’re new to CrossFit or the gym environment, check out Base Fitness – our new program of strength and conditioning classes that build confidence in working out and improve core strength! Join us for your first class completely free of charge. 

Our specialty classes for gymnastics and weightlifting are also held weekly for those that want to brush up on those skills.

There is a Weight Loss Club for those looking to drop a few KG’s


We also have a Cardio Club for those who want to “sweat it out” for an hour.

All first classes are FREE so why not come to one and see what’s going on?

Mail us direct if you have any questions or hop over to our contact page

Please check out our pictures and videos to find out more about us.

As defined by CrossFit: “Constantly varied, high intensity, functional movement.” this is a sport that has exploded globally over the last 10 years to a stage where there are now over 5,000 CrossFit gyms around the world. It is fun, it is addictive and it will take you to places in many areas of your life that you have never been before in the most positive way.

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