Physical Fitness Coaching

Do you have a specific goal? Are you looking for something to work towards? Are you tired of achieving average things in life? Do you want to start living an amazing life? If you answered “YES” to any of these then, YOU ARE IN THE RIGHT PLACE.

We attack performance holistically through focusing on nutrition, rest and recovery and training. You may need one on one physcial training, you may need nutritional guidance or you may need assistance in setting your goals and accountability to ensure you smash them apart. We track all aspects of performance through a cutting edge software to ensure we can give you the best advice possible and take your performance in life to the next level.

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Have a look at some success stories:

Neil Bryans went from paralysis to the shape of his life at 40 years old. Read more….

Doris Matlok has an office job and 2 ultra marathons across 2 different deserts to her name. Read More

Neil Flanagan completed the toughest Ironman on earth as well as represented Great Britain. Read more

Prices and packages: Packages are built to the individuals needs and goals with prices starting at AED1,750 for performance coaching and AED350 for one on one personal training.

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