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Note that walk in clients are not accepted.

Classes are held daily in Dubai (click here for location map).

Our one hour mainline CrossFit classes follow the daily workout, as programmed by our expert high performance coaches, and combine varied strength and conditioning elements to help you get fitter and stronger. In order to ensure your safety, progression and continued motivation our mainline classes are based on the InnerFight Zones of Performance which we encourage you to have a look at.

We also run an Endurance sport program as well as Specialty classes.



Mainline CrossFit classes:


Time Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
5:30am Class Class Class Class Class -
6:30am Class Class Class Class Class -
7:30am Class Class Class Class Class -
8.30am Class Class Class Class Class -
9:00am - - - - - Team Workout
4:30pm Class Class - Class Class -
5:30pm Class Class - Class Class -
6:30pm Class Class - Class Class -

Specialty classes:

Time Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
6:00am - Endurance - - - - -
6:30am - Gymnastics - Weightlifting - - -
9:00am - - - - - - Kids Fitness
9:00am - - - - - - Cardio Club
5:00pm - - Strong Man - - - -
6:00pm - - Strong Man - - - -


Package Rate
Unlimited classes AED1575 (per month)
3 classes per week AED1365 (per month)
2 classes per week AED1050 (per month)
Single class AED160 (per session)
3 months unlimited classes AED4200
6 months unlimited classes AED8140
12 months unlimited classes AED15225
Prepack of 10 classes AED1450 (3 months)
Weekly rate AED525

Emirates staff rate available mail us for more details.

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