Welcome to “Beyond the gym”. In this section of our site we get to know a bit more about our members aside from the things we already know like how much they can deadlift. We hope that you will enjoy learning more about people in the InnerFight community and find more common ground be it business, hobbies or aspirations.

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Jen Agnew

Jen.jpgAge: Depends who Im talking to (21-28)
Nationality: English
Profession: Corporate lawyer, Clyde & Co Dubai
What did you want to be when you were growing up: Hairdresser or lawyer
What makes you happiest in life: Family and friends, training, making someone smile, kindness and nice nails.
Biggest strength: Some people have said I am warm and disarming and can put people at ease,  I think my biggest strength is determination to do my best.
Biggest weakness: Trick question as your T-shirt says I can’t show any.
Dream holiday: A trip around everywhere in the world, but I’ll start with another skiing holiday and a villa in the Italian countryside for now
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Neil Bryans

UntitledAge: 41
Nationality: British, of course
Profession: CEO, Blue Truck LLC
What did you want to be when you were growing up: Me
What makes you happiest in life: My family and achieving on any level
Biggest strength: Mental, I can disengage my brain when required
Biggest weakness: Nothing to report
Dream holiday: Touring with the Swedish women’s beach volleyball team
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Chris Yates

yates_smthumb“I have done a lot of Fitness Programs that did achieve results but I wanted to up the bar and push myself even further. InnerFight has allowed me to do this and more! I live InnerFight now! It has not only made me think about what I am putting into my body, it has also changed my mental preparation in what I do, whether its InnerFight daily exercises to running or even work. The feeling you get after an InnerFight workout is hard to describe, it hurts (in a good way) but you feel on top of the world soon after… Your dedication to InnerFight and to its followers is truly inspirational and I wanted to thank you for your support.

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Jeremy Austin

Do I really live, or do I just exist. I was asking myself these questions over a year ago. I was asking myself these questions until I found CrossFit.
What a remarkable change that has come over me in the last six months. I have a new outlook on life, on my wife, my family my total existence. I have been looking for something that would challenge mind, body and spirit. I have now found it.
My father passed away from cancer and heart related problems when he was 44 and his lifestyle was not as it should have been with three young children. For the sake of my wife, Renee and my two children, Jake and Chelsea, I needed to find something that would keep me healthy and strong – not just in body but in mind. Not only this but keep me revitalised, energetic and stimulated.

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Hani Hout


For over a decade I allowed myself to delve into all kinds of extreme indulgences, from substance to circumstance. My excessively chaotic behavior eventually led me to dark places for the costly price of my complacency and self esteem.
I realized that if I don’t grab the reins of my mind it will only become heavier. So I embarked on the uphill journey. From detox to yoga and meditation, I was in pursuit for grounding and clarity. More so I was looking for discipline and commitment. That is when I was getting ready to join Innerfight.

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Thomas Szymanski

thomas_mainIt became apparent quite quickly that the tenacity, focus and self determination demanded by the regiments I was doing on InnerFight were at a level unlike any other I had ever encountered. I was hooked. With my other workouts putting up big numbers become routine, became mundane, become mindless. Yet with InnerFight – and really what I have found to be the core of InnerFight, what sets it apart from everything else – I had to be focused, 100% of the time on my form, my strength, on myself.

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Pink Taxi

IMG_5939“Come on, be Inner Fight!” One of my three kids will shout out at any given time of the day, at any challenging time that requires them to show discipline, strength and energy. Indeed, they understand that Inner Fight isn’t just a training program that I partake in five days a week, but a lifestyle that I have instilled at home and which trickles down to the family. The Inner Fight program has taught me to focus on the positive, celebrate accomplishments, believe in myself and be strong.


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Paul Austin

Screen Shot 2013-06-24 at 12.23.14 PM

In the Summer of 2012 I took one long look in the mirror and asked myself ‘ why don’t I look and feel the way I train?’ What I realise now is that I did look the way I trained because I didn’t train well. At 41 turning 42 I turned back to InnerFight, recalling how I felt after just a few months of following Marcus’s guidance. So here I am 11 months later, fitter, stronger, leaner and more powerful than I was at the height of my Rugby Career. With the combination of training and nutritional guidance I am now fit not just for rugby but for ‘Life’!


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Hanan Wehbi

HananNot only did I gain physical strength, break few rep maxes and got fitter and leaner, but I have also became part of this amazing community that pushes you forward and helps you through the lowest times in your life. I have managed to drag few people along with me, two of which are my brothers, and have added value to most of my clients through the InnerFight program and way of life. I am a better person, a stronger woman and definitely more positive than I was before. The InnerFight team, headed by Marcus Smith who leads by example, has become my second family that I meet every day at 6 am!”

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David Clark

Itclark_smthumb’s not that I wasn’t working out, on the contrary I was at the gym 3 times a week and training for my passion and desire of Rugby at least twice a week.However, I was training without a sense of direction, variety, targets or goals and stuck in a mundane routine. My mind was losing interest and I was losing the battle I found it all too easy to come up with excuses not to train.“Innerfight” changed all that

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Jonathan Brookes

In 2003 I weighed 130kg and had to sit down to put my socks on. I was in a big trough. I used my wife’s pregnancy and abstinence from alcohol as an opportunity to change my lifestyle (yet again) by crash dieting and a difficult training regime that included monotonous weights and treadmill workouts I managed to shift 25kg before the birth of my son. I was fit and lean. The problem was this new lifestyle was not sustainable, my waist began to grow as did my weight again. After a two year trough of very little structured exercise or diet other than ad hoc rugby training and flirting with the gym I had to reassess my life once again I was now 125kg and growing I did not want to reach my earlier all time high.
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