Brave Project Candidate 2:Untitled

Name: Arturo Castellanos

Age: 36

Nationality: Spanish

Background and info: Arturo entered the world of Triathlon as a complete novice early in 2013, primarily to have fun and lose some weight. He has completed numerous Sprint and Olympic Distance races within the UAE, and completed his first 70.3 race late in 2013 in 6 hours 23 minutes. By his own admission, Arturo struggles to manage his weight, especially when training volume is not high, and frustratingly, his results and performances have plateaued after his initial improvement.


Week 6:

Coach Flanners’ notes

After a fairly quiet week last week, week 6 has been very positive – we are noting significant improvements in both bike and run times, and Arturo is feeling a lot stronger and more stable through his core, which is great news.

We have also done an updated Body Composition Analysis  – Arturo has lost another 2kgs of body fat with no loss of muscle mass whatsoever, which is exactly what we are looking for, very happy with that!

You can see the latest BCA HERE and hear what Arturo has to say about his week 6 below.

Week 5:

Coach Flanners’ notes

Unfortunately not much to report this week as Arturo has been sick with Flu, therefore we have taken it really easy and focused on recovery

Hoping that we can get stuck into some solid training next week!

You can see Arturo’s video below.

Week 4:

Coach Flanners’ notes
This week – swim times continue to improve, but the highlight is Arturo posting his fastest 1km interval, knocking a massive 20 seconds off his previous best – not only that, he also backed it up with 5 more fast ones, which was great to see!

He is looking noticeable leaner, and I look forward to seeing the results of his body composition test next week – not only that, he is starting to squat like a boss too!

Coach Flanners is happy, and you can hear what Arturo has to say about his fourth week.

Change of programming is due next week, as we start to look forwards to DIT.

AC Squat


Week 3:

Coach Flanners’ notes

The big news for week 3 is on swim performance – we are seeing Arturo starting to look much more stable and solid in his core and midline throughout a range of movements in the gym, and have seen significant improvements in swim times this week which Arturo credits to the work we are doing in the gym, which is great news!

Arturo also had his first taste of ‘Thruster Thursday’ which got the heart rate pumping a bit, as you can see in the picture!

The knee injury is still niggling a bit, so we continue with the remedial exercises and avoid the hard interval running until the knee improves .

You can hear what Arturo has to say about his third week.


Thruster Thursday

Week 2:

Coach Flanners’ notes

The big news for week 2 is based around nutrition – having looked at the week 1 food log, we made a few changes, primarily introducing a bit more structure into the daily routine, to prevent energy lows, which have tended to lead to poor choices in the past, and of course, the removal of unnecessary sugars. There are no negative impacts of these changes so far.  If anything, Arturo was perhaps not taking on board enough calories to fuel his daily training load, which will show short term weight loss etc, but long term would have negative effects on Base Metabolic Rate and energy levels amongst many other issues, so we are also tracking consumption more carefully to ensure there is no significant calorie deficit over the course of the day/week/month.

Interval running has been limited this week as Arturo is nursing a slight niggling knee injury, so we have given him so remedial exercises to do and hope this will remedy the situation quickly.  We are already seeing definite signs of running performance at Low HR, and the swim times are improving with every session, which is exciting to see .

You can hear what Arturo has to say about his second week

The start:Brave
Week 1:

There is no better way to start than to get Arturo looking the part. Here he is with Neil and Marcus and his new Suunto device and looking great in his InnerFight gear.

Coach Flanners’ notes

Week 1 has really been about getting all the systems in place and establishing some baselines – the training program is in place and Arturo is having to get used to using  Heart Rate Monitor, and tracking and recording all of his training, something which he has never done before, so this will no doubt be a shock to the system!

Body composition analysis has been done and you can see it here, aeroscans have also been completed, you can see the bike scan here and run scan here – I have also had a chance to have a look at Arturo in the gym and his movement and mobility is generally good – like a lot of endurance athletes, he has strong legs but lacks a bit of core strength/stability which we will work on over the course of the project.

Arturo has started logging his food/sleep and waking pulse, so I am looking forward to seeing a full weeks data and what (if any) changes we need to make.

Overall, we are off to a very solid start – you can hear what Arturo has to say about his first week in the below video:

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