Are we addicted to Caffeine?….the coffee culture!

Are we addicted to Caffeine?….the coffee culture!
When you haven’t been somewhere for a while and you return you seem far more aware of the changes that have occurred. I was recently back in my home town, London, and couldn’t help but notice the huge increase in coffee shops and more than that they were all full, some with ques out the door.
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The debate as to if coffee is good or bad for you seems to be never ending. You can literally spend all day reading articles for and against coffee. Through all that I have read and through various nutritional authorities I have discussed the topic with the safe ground stands at 1-2 cups a day.
Having said that my primary concern is with the amount of sugar people load into their cups. Given that for the body to function our requirement of sugar per day is only 1 teaspoon some people may be overloading in their morning cup of coffee. This is where we need to exercise caution.
A second caution is what wonderful up-sell you accept from your local coffee franchise, the options for further sugars through syrup flavorings as well as lashings of whipped cream may well be the addition of those extra calories that you can actually do without.
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Whilst there are certainly far more coffee vendors on the high street these days is this a direct correlation to a growing addiction to the drug of caffeine in coffee? Or is “going for a coffee” a social activity that is replacing others? And are coffee shops just convenient places for business meetings or just plain and simply great for killing time?