#516: “I help people get good at many things” with Pat Flynn

#516: “I help people get good at many things” with Pat Flynn

Growing up Pat Flynn wanted to be ACDC, music was his passion and his sights were set on making it his life. Today Pat still has his drive and energy for success and as his statement “I help people get good at many things” suggests he has a whole load of skills that he uses to bring this vision to life. This show just flew past as Pat dropped his thoughts on so many super interesting things.

  • From artist to fitness
  • Pursuing the desire to be the best
  • Skills in combination rather than isolation
  • Creating focus in your life.

When you listen to this show you will feel the energy in Pat’s voice, he is the author of multiple books, runs a truly unique online coaching system (which has two strict rules that we discuss in the show) hosts a podcast and is the father of 3 children. It was amazing to get pats outlook on minimalism as we hear that word thrown around more and more these days as he breaks it down tasing about effectiveness versus efficiency. He also has some interesting thoughts on “How can I get more with less?”

Pat airs some very valid concerns about how distracted we are as a race these days and the fact that we have more access to information than ever but it actually may be our downfall. His latest book “how to be better at almost everything should be something that people put onto their reading list as the way this guy sees things and comes across in this show is straight forward, relatable and understandable and will certainly help all the listeners.

Enjoy the show.

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