1. 150414 class workoutIn 8 minutes work up to a heavy bench press for the day. This may or may not be your all time 1 rep max, don’t get too stressed out about it.  Just work up to a heavy single.
    2. Alternating minutes for 10 minutes: Odd minute 3 bench press @ 75%-80% of what you got in section 1. Even minute, max unbroken strict pull ups.
    3. 8 minute AMRAP: 10 KB clean and jerk (5 each side, not alternating) 10 push ups, you must release your hands at the bottom and touch the kettlebell.
    4. 30 seconds on 30 seconds off double unders for 5 minutes for max reps.


We hope you have a great workout. If you are doing the workout outside of an InnerFight class be sure to post your results in the comments section.