Daily workout 01-10-14

Daily workout 01-10-14

Welcome to October. As you may have seen in our recent posts “Zones of Progression” and “6 ways to test your work capacity” we follow a structured development matrix for our training programs to ensure peoples safety, motivation and the best progression possible. In October we are going to start programming the 6 work capacity tests in our daily workouts, this kicks off today!  Good luck

OTM x 15 mins
1/ HSPU – progress on last week, shoulder taps or strict reps for 30 seconds
2/ 20 second L-Sit hold (good quality)
3/ 6-10 ring rows (elevate your feet to increase difficulty)

Conditioning – Testing
“The Inner-Effect”
3 rounds for time
400m run
20 box jumps
10 burpees
(18 min cap)


We hope you have a great workout.
Post your times and results to the comments section!